Friday, August 17, 2012

Evening Party Makeup

Different time, occasion and your outfit, you need to makeup differently. No matter it is makeup, hairstyle or your outfit, all your preparation is to make yourself look more gorgeous. We all know that makeup is basic to glam the evening as it's the time to highlight your beautiful face with sparkling eye makeup. Here are some tips for evening party, you will have a perfect evening.

1.Cleanse your skin. This is the first step and the most important part for your makeup. It will make the make up last longer.
2.The apply little foundation on your face, don't forget your neck, make sure your face is the same color with your neck, or it will looks very strange. The foundation shade should a little lighter than the skin tone.
3.Eye makeup is the most dramatic of the evening. You can easily highlight those sparkling eyes based on your outfit and the occasion. For example, you can choose smoky eyes for a cocktail party.

4.Lip gloss. If you have hightlighted with dark eye shadow, nude lip gloss would be a good choice.

5.Hairstyle. You can style your hair depend on your outfit. Updo, a bun or just leave your hair open are all fine.
You will have a wonderful evening party if you follow these tips.

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