Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Tips for Wearing Open Back Evening Dresses

The open back evening dresses are becoming more and more popular nowadays, especially in western countries because of its elegance and chic.
Open back evening dresses is very suitable for ladies who are going to attend high society situations. The best feature of this style is its expose of back. Sometimes, ladies often make their hair cover the strap which gives the look that nothing helps holding the dress.
There are many things you need to pay attention to when you are wearing open back evening dress. First of all, your entire body must be well proportionate. The way your body looks will determine what type of cut,fabric or dress style you need. You need to take all necessary measures to know which style can fit you well and help balancing your figure to make you look much better.
If you are going to totally expose your skin, you need to make sure that there isn't any pimples or other skin problems which will ruin your look.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

How to Choose Evening Shoes in The Winter

It's very hard to choose a pair of suitable shoes in the winter, you are luck enough if you live in somewhere which is warm all the year, maybe you can wear evening sandals all the year and you wouldn't be in the trouble of choosing winter shoes. But for those who actually have seasons, we should think about shoes we wearing in the winter evening party.
Now i will introduce you some styles of shoes.
 slipsole shoes are more steady than high heels
 high heel with fur
 high heel with fur
 match with winter white tights would be perfect

Monday, October 29, 2012

Winter Evening Dress Trend

The days are becoming colder and shorter, winter is on its way. Actually winter is the most difficult time to look fashionable but it is not impossible. So let's start from the materials. Wool, cashmere and satin would be good choice better than chiffon. Commonly, winter fashion trend used to be classics, so you don't have to replace your whole wardrobe to keep in style, all you need is to add few new winter accessories.
If you want to keep style for seasons, don't forget black winter boot, you will never go wrong with them. If your winter budget can stand, you can buy a second or third boots.
You don't want to be stuck bare-armed in a strapless dress with a frigid breeze blowing up your evening dresses,do you? To stay warm look for pants that have a flattering cut for your body type and that are also made from a heavier material like wool. If you like to wear skirts in the winter, buy several winter tights. There are many different styles which can keep you remain in fashion.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Cocktail Dresses Fashion Trend

Cocktail dresses are getting more and more popular all over the world nowadays. It is an ideal choice to wear it and attend an important party which will make you look stylish and elegant at the same time.
Each dress has its own unique and charm, every girl also want to show off their best on the party. Cocktail dress can be knee-length or a little longer or shorter. In certain circumstances, you neck, you can always go strapless, sleeveless, spaghetti straps, a shoulder or off shoulder dress according to your body shape.
Little black or white dresses are wonderful for any formal occasions. You will never make mistakes in these kind of dresses. You also can add some glittering accessories to make you look more elegant.

Printed cocktail dresses are new trend this year as well as prom dresses. Some animal prints are very popular just like leopard print. These prints are reminiscent of outdated glamorous globe and makes you seem instantly polished and classy. A knee length painterly print dress with waterfall sleeves is a wonderful decision this party season.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

High-low Evening Dress Trend

High-low dresses become a fashionable trend this year, many young ladies like to choose high-low as their prom dresses to show their long and slim legs. The glamorous high-low formal gown, having a unique look, is hemmed long inside the back and short in the front. Just think, if you walk into the space filled with long flowing dresses, all eyes is going to be on you and your glamorous high-low formal.
The high low evening gown and there is no hiding your footwear in this gown so put some consideration into what colors might compliment or clash with your overall look.
If you are a fashionable girl, you can definitely find that many ladies choose it because that are suitable for one to experience special event, evening and other special event.
A high-low formal dress usually won't have numerous straight lines and may have a mix of different styles. As an illustration, if you want the thought of wearing a good ball gown and short skirt, apply for both.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Several Best Evening Hair and Makeup Looks

Piling your hair on, select one glitter accessory to complement one side, you also can keep your other visible body part bling for earrings, necklaces or bracelets.
Balance the color of your eyes, lipstick and cheeks. For fair skin, try an iridescent pink and use gold on olive or darker tones. This is a good look which can go well with your outfit.
Wear yours with a deep side part and long, side-swept bangs like Debra Messing for a casually sexy look. You can create waves spritz each section with a flexible-hold hairspray before using a curling iron, to keep your pony from falling flat before the night is over.
Drew Barrymore’s style looks complicated—and we're sure a pro had a hand in this—but there is a way to whip up a similar ‘do without expert supervision.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Choose The Right Color for Your Prom Dress

Are you looking forward to the interesting prom night? Have you choosen your perfect prom dress for that day? Are you still let your eyes linger on those little black or little white dresses? Come on, although it will never go wrong with them, but don’t you want to be the centre of the prom to catch everyone's eyes? Put little black or little white dresses down, pick up some other right color to make you be the queen.
We all know that red is a hot and sexy color nowadays, what kind of length do you like best, mini, knee or floor length? No matter which length it is, you still can pick it out among all colors. However, red is sort of difficult to navigate.
Yellow is a bright color which is easily accepted by many people, it is also the trend of fashion. It is a good choice for prom because it can show your youth and make you full of energy.
Purple is generally regarded as a romantic color all over the world. It can show off your own elegant and alamour.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Winter Evening Dresses Trend

Winter is the coldest season of one year, how to be stylish and keep warm is the biggest problem  for fashion conscious women.

Let's start from the fabic. In general, we always choose those fabrics which are thick for instance satin, thick silk, velvet and so on. For the length, try to avoid short, too exposed evening dresses which will make you feel cold and let guests feel uncomfortable on the same time. These long sleeves, floor length would be a good choice.

For the color, some warm color would be good, avoid dark color which will let all the guests feel the cold season. For the accessories, soft fur shawl is essential for winter evening party. It not only can keep warm but also be fashionable and elegant. You also can match some fur edge hand bag.

Friday, October 19, 2012

One-shoulder Evening Dresses Improve Your Temperament

Do you know which style is fashionable? Of course it is one shoulder evening dress. It can burst your confidence in appearence, go for it without any hesitation. There are many different kind of one-shoulder evening dress, when you are going to buy it, you need to know which style can suit you well. You still need to know which material could be your best choice. Now, i will introduce you some different design of one shoulder evening dress.
Organza Ruffled One-shoulder with Accented Waist Short Style
Tulle One-Shoulder Strap Ball Gown Cocktail Dress with Delicate Beading Accents
Chiffon Sweetheart Neckline Empire Prom Dress with Beaded Detailing Accents
Chiffon Beaded One-Shoulder Strap Mermaid Prom Dress with Rouched Bodice

Chiffon Sweetheart Neckline Empire Prom Dress with Beaded One-Shoulder Strap

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Choose Little Black Dresses by Your Body Shape

Every woman needs a little black dress in her wardrobe. It's different from any other dresses. No matter which season the party is hold or what kind of event you are going to attend, little black would never be a wrong choice. If you don't have little black dress at present or you don't really love your dress. Maybe you need to find a really one which can fit you well.
If you are sort of athletic and lack some curves, you need to fix it by dress. You can choose empire dress which can hide your figure or you can tie a belt.
If you are worried about your large bust and you don't want to cover it completely, you can wear a flowing skirt which is high neckline. It will make a balance between your top and bottom. In the same way, if you have a largrt bottom, straight skirt would be a good choice. The top of the dress can be layered which can attract more attention to the bust not the bottom.
If you are lucky to have a curvy shape, V-neck little black dress would be very suitable for you. It doesn't need to be very tight, fitted nicely would be perfect. If you want to hide your belly, you need a dress which can make a illusion of a flat stomach. Empire dress would be your first choice.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

How to Look Thinner in An Evening Dress

Many people want to look thinner and good in evening dresses without losing their weight. There are several ways to look thinner, just follow this ways to dress thinner.
Choose clothing which fit properly. Many people choose baggier clothes to hide a few pounds. Actually, these clothes can add pounds to you which will make you look larger than you really are. So avoiding these clothes which are too tight or too baggy, instead, pick clothes that fit properly to look your slimmest.
Put on your high heels. We all know that high heels can help your legs look longer and slimmer. If you have thick ankles, don't try shoes with ankle straps which will make your legs look stumpy and short.
Layer your tops. If you have belly, layer your tops is a good way to hide your belly and make your stomach looks more in shape instead of wearing only one.Everyone knows that dark clothes like black, navy blue, chocolate can make you look slimmer, this is also a good way. You can also add some glitter accessories to make you look stunning.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

How to Accessorize Your Evening Dress

Generally speaking, many women feel that it's difficult to accessorize evening dresses because they are sort of formal. Others think that it's impossible to be the highlight by themselves without others' help. In fact, every one can be the queen of the evening party if she dresses properly with some proper accessories. If your dress is simple, accessories seem more important to make you look stunning.
Firstly, decide one or all visible areas you want to accessorize like neck, wrists or shoulders. Then think serious that what kind of jewelry you want you wear. In fact, there are many materials which are not very expensive and accessible at stores but look very beautiful.
Secondly, you should know exactly that weather your dress is simple, elegant or fancy? You also can add some bling-bling elements if you are wearing simple dress. Except these vidiblr areas, you can try elegant pearl or diamond studs for your ears, you also can select a ring to match your other jewelry.

Monday, October 15, 2012

How to Choose Women's Evening Shoes

No woman doesn't love accessorize, can any accessorize be better than evening shoes? To most women, evening shoes are not just comfortable but also stylish. Nobody wants to choose a common pair of sneakers to match their gorgeous evening dress. Attending evening party seems to be a very essential social activity. Even though you don't pay much attention to the fashion, you still need to take part in the party and to be elegant is still the purpose when you prepare for the party. Now let me tell you some tips for choosing a pair of suitable evening shoes.
When you are choosing evening shoes, please lay down those shoes which make you feel uncomfortable even though they are surely gorgeous. Try to image that you are wearing very well, but you cann't feel comfortable, how could you make yourself walk freely, how could you stand that long time. So the first principle is do not heart your feet, don't only judge by appearance.
You don't need too much evening shoes more the evening dresses. Generally speaking, one pair of shoes can match several different dresses. So when you are choosing evening shoes, choose some colors which won't be out of fashion such as black, nude, silver, ink blue and so on.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Cocktail Dress Trends

It's fall season now, if you like to attend party, there must be many parties waiting for you. In the past time, some evening dresses seem to be designed for one type, now there are many kinds of dresses which are very suitable for everyone.
Boatneck: This is a type which both men and women can wear. This kind of neckline would not trouble when you want to change your shirt quickly because of the wide slips. When you wear boatneck, you can wear some aquamarine or emerald studs.
One-shoulder: this one type was popular from last year, but it is going more and more popular, it is very suitable for those women who want to appeared as a sex appeal. It looks better if you wear it with some dangling earrings.

Lace: this fabric is very feminine and modern, pay attention to a detail: if you feel the repeat of the pattern is bigger than your hand, maybe the dress is too large for your figure. It looks perfect  if you wear pearl studs with this dress.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

How to Decide Your Hairstyle to Match Your Evening Dress

As we all know that there are many different kinds of hairstyles for different occasions, like daily hairstyles, evening hairstyles. Definately, evening hairstyles is the most formal one. You can wear your hair ponytail casually in the daytime, but you cann't do the same when you attend some evening party or dining out. Here are some styles you can wear in the evening party.

If you have a long hair, it's a good way to have a stylish up do, actually it's very common but best for you. Firstly, you need to pay more attention to the size of your face. It's very important to know your shape. Now you need to use a mirror to know exactly what's your face shape blongs to. They are Oval, Round, Oblong, Square, Heart, Dlamond, trlangular. It will be much easier to decide your most suitable hairstyles after you know your own faceshape. For example, if you have a round face, it's not wise to wear all your hair going back, you need to leave some addition waves in to the cheek area to break your outline which may make your face more impressive. Recently, half uo and half down id one of the most popular trend, you also can have a try.
There is another popular trend, it is French twist, it is simple but quick, classy and looks good at evenings if you accessorized with pearl earrings or some bling bling ornaments. You will be the queen of the party.

Never ingore your hairstyle, image when you are wearing an elegant evening dress with a sloppy hairstyle, everyone will see the sloppy hairstyle just likeicing on the cake. Nobody want to act like this. You also can wear jewelry which can make you feel good. If you have a large face, larger jewelry like earrings and necklace will be better, they will make a impression of a smaller face. Likewise, if you have a smaller face, larger ones will make your face look smaller, larger jewelry is a good choice.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

How to Buy Evening Dresses Online

Do you want to buy evening dresses which are in appealing styles and the price is still within your budget? Why don't you buy evening dresses online? As you know, with the popular of the Internet, people prefer to buy things on the Internet rather than go shoping because that you can find many fashionable styles without shopping from one place to another place. All you need is just stay at home and surf the Internet. Whatever, you need many different dresses for different occasions.

There are many things you need to notice. Firstly, you need to choose some websites which are reliable, at least, they will not cheat you. Secondly, when you find one dress which you like, you need to see the reviews to know whether the dress is in good quality. Last but not least, you should make sure the size of dress can fit you well, before you order the dress, you need to contact with the custom service, to ask the shipping, make sure you can get it before your evening party.

One more thing, before you start to search the Internet for your party, you need to know exactly what kind of dress do you want to buy, including the color, length, style and so on. You also need to measure your size in advance. In this way, you will narrow down your search wide which will help you find your dream dress faster.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Beaded Evening Dresses Trends

Are you going to attend a formal evening party but haven't find a appropriate evening dress? Do you want to look very gorgeous on the party? Why don't you choose beaded evening dresses?

Beaded dress means decorate dresses with some beaded applique, it's a good way to add these sparkle elements to dresses for a special occasion. It really can catch others notice especially under the light and you also can easily remove it if you don't need them.

Selena looked ethereal in this textured number with a sheer beaded bodice.

Nina's hair was styled in a dreamy low 'do with delicate strands hitting her shoulders. This was the perfect balance between classic and modern, wouldn't you agree?