Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Vintage style Shows Your Unique

These days, one of the best ways to look fresh is by wearing something unusual. Especially in today's world, where fabrics are mass-produced and not always made to last, it's easy to see why people would treasure unique, vintage styles.
Organza One Shoulder A-Line Vintage Bridesmaid Dress with Rouched Bodice
If you're not a vintage-wearer, you may be wondering why everyone wouldn't want to present him or her self as a modish work of living art by choosing to dress in the smartest, most chic outfits. While not everyone appreciates the vintage trend, it's useful to understand some of the inspirations behind it.
Chiffon Halter Neckline A-Line Vintage Bridesmaid Dress with Rouched Bodice
How about the sort of the 80s to rock your very own prom party? The idea of 80s prom is a little bit scandalous, along with the peroxide blonde and bleached denim is indeed a tad daunting. You can try raiding your mum's closet for a long forgotten sequin dress. It may very well appear really loud and vibrant yet a little bit of sewing may possibly demonstrate other-wise.
Chiffon Strapless A-Line Vintage Bridesmaid Dress with Layered Bodice
Looking for your perfect prom dress? A vintage style dresses is the ideal choice for you to stand out from the crowd. More vintage style dresses on RainingBlossoms

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

White Party Dress Show Your Elegant

We all know that there are always some colors which are eternal, you will never get wrong with these colors. White is such a amazing color which can suit almost every skin type, almost all occasions.
Organza Strapless with Beaded Strap Short Skirt Style
Nowadays, the biggest thing in evening wear fashion is the rising popularity of white dresses. The appreciation for what was always thought in the past as something only good for summer, or wedding, is now seen worn by celebrities in popular engagements and in fashion magazines of today.
Taffeta Sweetheart Strapless Neckline Mermaid Prom Dress with Beaded Bust
Some may still be a little cautious about wearing white because of the notion that it makes a woman look a size bigger. Such is not true. Anyone can actually look fuller in any color if wearing the wrong style for the wrong body type. Looking good in any color is really a matter of choosing the right cut and the right fit. Women have different body types. Today's wide selection of different styles of white dresses makes every woman's desire of slipping into a pretty white party dress no longer a distant dream. More dresses
Chiffon Sweetheart Neckline A-Line Prom Dress with One-Shoulder Strap

Monday, February 25, 2013

Stunning Empire Evening Dress For Your Night Out

Night gowns are made to put on about the events individuals tend to be organized at night. Because night events tend to be usually unique. Every girl wants to dress like a star, while trends in evening dress styles come and go, as do fashion trends in any other style of clothing, there are certain cuts and styles of evening dresses which are considered classic: Empire evening dress.
Chiffon Sweetheart with Empire Waist A-Line Prom Dress
Empire style evening dresses are characterized by a high waist and a full length skirt. The style is often most flattering to those who carry a bit of excess weight around their middles or who as shorter and more pear shaped in body structure though taller and slimmer women and those with flatter stomachs also appreciate the style of empire dresses.
Charmeuse Strapless Sweetheart Neckline Empire Prom Dress with Front High Side Split
The type of elegant evening dresses you choose for your special occasions depends on your personality and sense of style. It should also depend on the occasion and the venue. If you are out with a larger group in a family friendly setting, it is important to dress appropriately. You can choose flirty and elegant evening dresses when you go for romantic dates with your partner. There are many more Empire styles here: rainingblossoms
Charmeuse Sweetheart Neckline Empire Prom Dress with V-Shaped Halter Strap

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Halter Prom Dress For Your Party

When your type is lovely, it is possible to choose prom gowns in accordance with your own characteristics. If you are satisfied with your beautiful arms and back, why not choose these sexy short halter dress or halter top evening gown for your prom from rainingblossom. Halter dresses are great for any body type because they draw attention up to your face.
Chiffon Sweetheart Neckline Column Prom Dress with Lavish Beading Bodice
When we speak about the fashion we select the elegant towards edgy one along with the glamorous to sophisticated elegant attires which have been definite trendsetters.
Chiffon Sweetheart Neckline A-Line Prom Dress with Beaded Halter Strap
Most of the halter prom dresses have asymmetric cut straight from the side that shows of legs. There is also a halter dress for the girls who are a little curvier; this is beaded silk halter dress that looks classy and gives sophisticated look. While choosing a prom dress, makes sure the color of the dress heightens your complexion. If you want to look slimmer, then choose a loose halter dress out of all the halter prom dresses.
Chiffon Beaded Halter Strap Empire Prom Dress with Cascading Ruffle Skirt
Therefore finally of, it won be wrong to convey that everyone is fashion centric and won mind spending to get a large amount that may make heads turn and eyes rolling. It a bet that your girl will get appreciation for any new arrival hot party dress she wears.
Charmeuse Sweetheart Neckline Empire Prom Dress with Delicate Beading Accents

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Celebrity Style --- Rihanna

Rihanna has created a style presence prominent enough to match her chart-topping music. The singer's adventurous choices make her one of fashion's favorite red-carpet risk takers, and now she can add designer to her list of credits as she just presented her first collection for British high-street brand, River Island during London Fashion Week.
Rihanna performs at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in a Vivienne Westwood dress and vintage Chanel shades.
The pop star makes an entrance in a crocodile Tom Ford dress at the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Gala.
Rihanna's shimmery makeup works wells with an avant-garde Elie Saab Couture gown at the Grammy Awards.
The Unapologetic singer poses in an architectural, black-and-white Marchesa dress at the American Music Awards.
Rihanna shows some skin in a green Roberto Cavalli gown accented with chunky jewelry and neutral makeup.
More choices for different occasions from Rainingblossoms.

Special Occasion Dresses Samples— Rainingblossoms

Red creates excitement as red raises blood pressure. Red also symbolizes love, passion, sex, and power. Hence, we like to give red roses to show a strong affection of love. So one red dress is a must have in your wardrobe. This is A-line evening dress with floral ruched waistline which can slim your figure very well.
Taffeta Sweetheart Neckline A-Line Evening Dress with Floral Ruched Waistline
This is a cocktail which is strapless with broach detail ruched waistline, we talked about strapless before, it will never be out of date to buy a strapless cocktail.
Chiffon Strapless Sheath Cocktail Dress with Broach Detail Ruched Waistline
Halter dress typically describes a backless dress that is secured at the back of the neck and the waistline. This typle of dress is usually worn as summer clothing or evening wear.
Chiffon Halter Neckline A-Line Evening Dress with Beaded Appliqued Bodice
One-shoulder dresses are designed to offer an elegant, yet flirty look. They are the newest type of gown that is dominating the fashion world. Many big celebrities were spotted wearing this kind of dress, which contributes to its popularity in some extend. Being sophisticated and chic, this unique neckine gives out a sexy vibe without showing too much.
Chiffon One-Shoulder A-Line 547 Dress with Sequined Waistline
White is one of the neutral colors which are common anywhere. This color is associated with purity, innocence and virtue. More dresses from Rainingblossoms.
Tulle Sweetheart Neckline A-Line Wedding Dress with Tiered Ruffle Skirt

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

How to wear a strapless dress

If you are one of those ladies who spends days taking into consideration what to wear for an important party, well, it's necessary for you to know the latest fashion news. Nowadays, you can fetch a simple evening gown is accessible in a lot of design, styles, colors, makes, patterns and so on. Fashion has gone beyond imgaination. So nothing is impossible in the fashion world.
This time, i am going to show you strapless dresses which are a favorite with most designers and celebrities. Right from the red capet to the premier of a film to any other event or casual outing.
Chiffon Sweetheart Strapless Neckline Empire Prom Dress with Beaded Bust
A strapless evening gown makes a girl look enticing and sensuous. If you wish to go for a chic watch, you can go for a strapless long evening dress. The strapless design goes with equally long as properly as short dresses. For those ladies who possess a alluring attend and wish to flaunt it, a backless gown is the perfect one. No other gown helps you in showing away your support like a backless gown does. Each and every design has its unusual attribute, so go forward and settle the once that you like.
Chiffon and Tulle Sweetheart Strapless Neckline Ball Gown Prom Dress with Beaded Waistline
Here are some tips for you in keeping the ensemble comfortable and appealing. Strapless dresses are best suited for women who have a toned upper body structure. So, if you have been skipping the gym for a while, you can avoid this look till you hit the gym again. Selection of proper inner wear plays a vital role. You need to wear a long-line strapless bra which provides more support and gives proper shape to your body.
Taffeta Sweetheart Strapless Neckline Ball Gown Prom Dress with Delicate Beaded Waistband
Go to to shop for your evening dress. Their all gowns are made from high quality fabrics.

Little White Dress For Evening Party

It happens every spring. After the long, cold days of winter where we are forced to bundle up in layers of clothing in dark colors, we break out into lighter, breezy fabrications in pastel shades. Perhaps symbolic of the seasons, black is always a prominent staple for winter, while white is its polar opposite for summer.You will never get wrong with little white dress in spring.
Chiffon Strapless with Notched Short Style
It's not every day a dress this cute comes along. We were instantly smitten with this playful, strapless frock with a pretty pleated bow in front and a half-moon cutout in the back. Whimsical without being over-the-top, this fully lined LWD will look fabulous with peep-toe wedges, a statement cuff and pretty, dangling earrings.
Organza Strapless with Beaded Strap Short Skirt Style
Whether you're meeting friends for drinks on a patio or you're on vacation and need something that will keep you cool without compromising style, this versatile tiered dress fits the fashion bill. It's fully lined with a v-neck and will look perfect paired with metallic accessories – bangles, a clutch or even shoes.
Chiffon Strapless with Diagonal Floral Details Short Style
Choose sexy draping for a date night out, or a casual sundress for a relaxed day at home. Just remember to keep it light, and store those black layers in the back of your closet for next fall.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Makeup for 2013 Spring Evening Party

When it comes to the evening party, you will never pass makeup. A best makeup will make you look exquisite just the same function as evening dress.
At first, it seemed like spring would be a season of pale lips. Then red colors hit with a bang, most noticeably at Burberry where models wore a creamy scarlet hue that generated major buzz.
Ever since the cat-eye trend hit last year, eyeliner has become a newfound essential. While there were examples of the retro flicked-up effect at Thierry Mugler and Miu Miu, the modern rim—a tight outline, softly smudged—dominated at shows like BCBG, Roberto Cavalli and Lavin.
From the inky, Twiggy-like fringe seen at Gaultier to the curled and combed up look at Gucci, it's time to have fun with your lashes this season.
Try a thin streak of green eyeliner seen at Stella McCartney or Kenzo, a saturated smear of sapphire on the base of lids like at Versus, or a color-blocked etching of royal blue or teal a la Fendi. And for those moments of all-out glamour, place a few sparkles around your eyes like a Gucci model if you dare.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

How to Dress as A Wedding Guest

When you receive an invite for your friends' wedding, don't let it get lost on the coffee table, you should check the date and decide if you'll go. Whether you can or can't, respond as soon as possible because it is very important for the couple to find out who's coming. If you'll go, when all of a sudden it hits you-- what are you supposed to wear?
Chiffon Strapless A Line Dress with Rouched Bodice Style
It's not that easy if you do not pay attention to some important details that are typically overlooked. These details include wedding theme, etiquette for wedding attire for guests, and most importantly, the time and season of the year in which the wedding is held. Once you find out about these details of the wedding that you are attending, you can easily choose the best wedding guest dress to wear.
Chiffon and Charmeuse Deep V-neck with Open Back A-Line Style
Dress as you would for any other social event held at the hour and during the season of the wedding. For example, if it's a spring brunch or luncheon, a pretty suit or floral dress would be appropriate for women. For evening, depending on how formal the wedding is, cocktail dresses would be a good choice.
Satin Strapless Neckline with Ruched Bodice Sexy Mermaid Style
Don't wear anything too flashy like sequins which are probably a no-no. Do try the outfit on before you leave home if you're going to be getting ready in a hotel. Check that the outfit works and that you have the right underwear etc.

A-line Evening Dress Shows Your Pretty

As home-coming party is coming around, have you gotten ready for your evening party? Today I will show you a style of evening dress---A-line evening dress. It's a very popular choice in women's evening dresses because it looks good on almost any body type.
Chiffon One-Shoulder A-Line Prom Dress with Rope Form
It emphasizes a smaller waist and gets larger at the bottom of the gown, much in the shape of an A. Petite women and tall women both look incredible in this type of dress, as do curvy women and even ladies with larger waists. An A-line dress tends to draw the eye away from the waist and into the extreme top and bottoms of the dress. It does well at hiding a large bottom and any trouble areas below the waist.
Bateau Neckline Sheath Dress with Lace Appliqued Skirt
The chic and chic ladies know a gemstone when she views one. In the process picking a gown style, the A-line gown is a true gem for the ladies with a practical appreciation. It is the most functional thing in the cupboard as it can be tried in every way and in any event.
Tulle Strapless A-Line Cocktail Dress with Short Fluffy Skirt

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Enhance Your Beauty with Cocktail Dresses

Women mostly don't want to miss any chance to look beautiful, they always prepare for a long time to find which dress would be more suitable. Cocktail dresses seem to be women's best dress choice for semi-formal occasions, cocktail dresses make wearers feel relaxed and look cute and lovely, impressing people around with friendliness and a figure easy to approach. Wearing cocktail dress can make you a sweetheart to others on a party.
Whether it is a family get-together or a dinner with a loved one, one should ensure the dress is strikingly awesome. Short cocktail wears- knee-length cocktail dresses or below knee cocktail dresses, all have great appeal. You can get a spicy look with a cocktail outfit black in color. Make your outing enchanting with this lively dress. By this you can become an apple of everybody's eyes.
Cocktail dresses can be seen in almost every wardrobe because it can be easily found in every cloth store. It comes in almost every color and styles, sizes and designs in every price range even it is also easily available in online stores too from where it can be picked easily. It is also deserved to be called the perfect dress to gift any female of any age group as it suits on every women immaterial of their different style sense because it is one of such fashion dresses which gives unique look and makes own style statement. In short, it is taken as one of the most chosen and worn dress by women.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Stylish Mermaid Dress Show Your Charming Trait

Evening dresses are used to be long, flowing women's gowm, normally worn at formal receptions that take place during the eveninig. The true fact is that most of them will be in a headache in choosing their appropriate evening gowns for their party. You gonna fall in love with this style---Mermaid evening dress.
As name suggested, mermaid evening dress means the evening gown is shaped like a beautiful mermaid. It is form-fitting at the bodice, and the skirt is designed to resemble a mermaid's tail in silhouette. One thing you need to pay attention to: to be honest, a lady who wants to wear a trumpet evening gown in the night party should be very confident in her figure. You can find more evening dresses in RainingBlossoms.
In the same way possess, shapes mermaid dresses display look the identical with sea-maids. It doesn't matter if you need to call them trumpet gowns. Nearly all of time, these styles are considered as privileges for ladies owing extremely slim figures.
The appearance of mermaid gowns really renews versions inside the fashion dress world. These styles could possibly be finishing touches to girls' looks. Also, they may be devastating elements with their entire appearances. As each curve will likely be shown clearly in the trumpet dress, it's going to not be recommended with a girl whose figure needs some emphasizes and disguises. Only girls being completely content and confident with their figures get chances to wear trumpet gowns comfortable.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Nails for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day may be the most romantic evening of the year for a woman, and the pressure is on for finding the perfect ensemble to make her glow. While getting dressed for the special occasion, she would never forget the most important accessory- stylish fingertips.
lip print
Looking spectacular requires paying attention to the smallest details as well as selecting elements that highlight your personality while also being appropriate for this special occasion. The right nail design should be matched with your evening dress.
Without a doubt, femininity and romance are the main elements that add interest to the nail designs inspired by the romantic holiday. The great variety of motifs that can be used to create an eye catching nail design tends to be an excellent starting point. Hearts are the most popular nail art, other symbols such as roses, arrows or Cupid angels can also be used by those who are skilled when it comes to nail art and have enough patience to do so.
Make sure to decide on the nail design in advance to be able to avoid last minute stress. Also make sure to pay attention to all the details that influence your look to be able to look your personal best and feel as confident as possible.
3D flower nails