Friday, September 28, 2012

Evening Hairstyle Tips

Are you ready for an evening party or a formal occasion? Have you well prepared your evening dress, shoes and makeup? Are you still worried about your hairstyle? There are many hairstyles you can choose, no matter you have a long or short hair. Next, let me introduce you these hairstyles what are suitable for your evening occasion.

When it comes to hairstyle, i think most of you are very familiar with updos. Although it is very common, but still very popular. There are a variety of updo hairstyles from vintage to modern, like the French Twist hairstyles, the Double French twist hairstyles, the high bun hairstyles and so on. All of them are very gorgeous and elegant. So updos can be your first choice. If you don't like updos, the flowing hairstyles are also perfect such as the straight and curly flowing hairstyles. Half up and half down hairstyles are also look good.

But unfortunately, these don't look that good in short hair. Don't worry, bob hairstyles are very suitable for you. The wavy bob hairstyles, the curly bob hairstyles also can make you look very sexy and elegant.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sequin-Dress Trend

Are you worried about your evening dress is not fashion enough? Why don't you choose a sequin dress? It will help you look sparkling? There are some details you need to pay attention to, follow these tips you can wear your sequin without any questions.

Long sequined dresses are more suitable for women who looks like models, but actually most women are not. So overall sequin short dresses are good choice which can show off your assets.
If you are not very confident in wearing sequins all over, just consider some evening dresses with sequined accents. They are usually appeared around neckline and shoulders or to highlight some others parts.

After wearing the dress, you should hang it rather than fling it into the drawer or place it over any other object. Before clean it, you need to zip the dress up and turn it inside out before putting it into a washing machine to protect the sequins.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Evening Wear Essentials for Women

Whether you are going to attend a formal affair or a casual simple dinner party, evening dress is so important just like the first impression. We always want to leave a good impression to our new made friends. Maybe you rarely attend the formal party, continue reading anyway. You will find that you can transform your outfit into suitable formal attire very easy if you have these pieces in your wardrobe. Next, let me show you the top several pieces. 
A Dark Dress: I think almost all the women have some dark dresses, maybe it is little black dress. It should has simple lines, you can transform them easier. If you are going to some semi-formal parties, you can add a splash jewelry.
An Evening Top: It can be any fabric which is suitable for the evening party like satin or lace blouse. You can pair them with skirt or pants or some other piece.
An Evening Skirt: You can transform into many different appearances if you have a simple evening skirt which is the evening party fabric like lace or chiffon. You can pair them with your evening top or a trendy blouse.
Evening Shoes: There are many different shoes, high heeled, sandals, pumps are all available. You can pair your evening skirt with these shoes for an elegant evening imagination.
An Evening Bag: It is a little different from other pieces. You can carry your lipstick and some other necessaries to the party. 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Thigh-High Slit dresses Trend

You must have seen many film stars like to wear thigh-high slit dresses on many formal occasions such as red carpet. Is there any dress which is chic, it must be thigh-high slit dresses which is becoming more and more popular.
Dazzling: The Duchess teamed her simple gown with a beaded clutch, platform heels and diamond earrings.

Here are some tips for you when you are in thigh-high slit evening dresses.
First, pair with high-heeled shoes. If you are wearing thigh-high slit, heels are best choice for you because the length of this kind of dresses. The flats will not create the illusion of long legs.
Second, choose some glitter jewelry. These ornaments will help you look more elegant and sexy.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Little White Dress-- Classic fashion

Do you have any little white dress in your wardrobe? Do you still dont know how to wear little white dress? There are a varity of ways to wear little white dress and help you be suitable for the party.
Different form little black dresses, little white dresses are fresh and simple, so they are ideal choice for you if you are going to attend a evening party or an outdoor weekend event.
Jennifer Hudson's got legs, and she's not afraid to use them! 

According to Kely Rowland, looking hot in a LWD is a cinch. Metallic accent belt seems perfect with LWD.

As the fashion world's new sweetheart, we were not surprised in the slightest to see Pippa Middleton in a LWD – in crochet, no less.

We bet Charlize Theron ruffled a few feathers in this luxe number. The Black Jacket lends a chic contrast to white sheaths.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

How to Get Ready for An Evening Party

Everyone wants to look their best at a party, no matter it is a formal get-together or some friends you haven't seen for many years. Actually, the idea behind the party is to make some new friends, you want to impress others by your looks, flawless glamour is the ultimate goal. However, while getting ready for the party, you need to know the party makeup also has some limits and rules, just like you can apply heavy eye makeup or heavy lip makeup, but you can't apply both of them at the same time. Here are some beauty tips for you, they can help you look fresh and elegant.

1.Choose your unique evening dress and accessories for the party at first. Only when you get all these element together, you can know how to select your makeup accordingly.

2.Make your face clean so you can get the makeup for a long time. If you want to have soft look then opt for natural and light shades of makeup, but for formal events you must look classy, glamorous and radiant. Evening makeup can be dark and sophisticated as subdued lighting gives you confidence to choose deep and dark colors as makeup for getting stylish, chic and sublime look.

3.Unless you have extremely fine hair, don't wash it during your before-party shower; just let it get thoroughly wet. Condition the ends and comb it out, letting it air-dry if possible. If you want to use curlers, put them in after applying a lightweight mousse when your hair is about halfway dry. Leave the curlers in until about 15 minutes before you want to leave. If you're doing something sleeker, apply mousse right away and style your hair as normal. Long or short, you can't go wrong with a sleek down-do; it's faster and easier to do than putting your hair up.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Print Evening Dresses

Every lady likes to collect dresses. Look at your closet, if it isn't a big collection, whatever your fashion is, there still is a perfect evening dress waiting for you on the market. In the past years, evening dresses are used to be uncomfortable even though maybe they can make you look fabulous. Nowadays, people pay more attention to the comfort, now I will show you some fashionable print evening dresses, you will never miss any chance to show your beauty.
Print Elastic Silk and Satin V-Neckline Sheath Dress with Unique Print Skirt
Printed Chiffon Sweetheart Strapless Neckline Sheath Style Stock Dress with Rounded Bust
Printed Chiffon One-Shoulder Strap A-Line Style Stock Dress with Cascading Chapel Train
Printed Chiffon Beaded Jewel Neckline A-Line Stock Dress with Cap Sleeves
Printed Chiffon Scoop Neckline Slim Chinese Style Stock Dress with Luxurious Beading Bodice

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

High-low Formal Evening Dresses

Nowadays, a varity of parties are becoming more and more common, each lady hopes they can look gorgeous and elegant at these occasion, how could you let yourself ingored by others? Here are some advices for you, you will never let yourself miss any chance to show your beauty.
The high-low evening dress has a full circle hem, it is different from other dresses, the biggest advantage of this kind is that it is short in-front to long with the spine. Recently, it became a trend in the end of last year, now it becoming a world wide fashion.
Many ladies like to choose the floor-length gowns,others would like to choose the short cocktails. No matter what kind of evening dress it is, the most important thing is to make sure the style you choose can display your best self features and can help you seem very charming in the party. Actually, high-low evening dress can make you appear taller and more fashionable.
A high-low formal dress usually won't have a lot of straight lines and definitely will feature a combination of variations. For example, if you want the thought of wearing a lengthy ball gown and short skirt, you can go for both. On the one hand, you can choose your desired style, on the other hand, you still be the fashionable and charming lady.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Different Evening Dresses for Different Occasions

When you are going to attend a evening party, a suitable evening dress is necessary for you. Of course, there are a variety of evening dresses you can choose, different designs, colors,types all will make you look different. So you need to know exactly what kind of the evening party it is, formal, semi-formal or casual?
Generally, little black dress is a timeless classic style, every lady all needs to have their own little black dress. Now we will tell you how to pick up your own evening dress for a special occasion.

For a prom party or a dinner party, although you may wear any outfit for a formal evening party,there are certain favorites for special occasions. You need to select an elegant long dress such as strapless outfits, backless gowns, one shoulder dresses, halter-necks. They are all very suitable for these parties.

For a cocktail party, the little black dress is a common option, but if you are not very like this style, there are many other styles for you to choose, they all look good at cocktail parties. However, it is preferable to put on short evening dresses. Furthermore, some casual occasions like birthday parties or get-togethers, you don't need to put on these kind of dresses, you can decide whichever you like best.

For an outdoor evening party, it's good for you to prefer knee-length dresses rather than long gowns. These simple dresses can make you feel more comfortable, you won’t feel too difficult to move if you are outside.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Fashion Halter Evening dresses 2012

Halter dresses are usually worn as evening dresses. The feature of this dress is backless, it is secured at the back of the neck and the waistline. In general, halter dresses can be made of many types of fabric even though some heavy winter fabrics.
In most cases, the design of neckline is either sweetheart or v shaped style. Because these two styles are the best suited to extend ties. But the fabric can be any style, actually halter dresses with tight skirting usually have slits in back, so you can take normal steps when you are walking.
One of the biggest advantages is that halter can accentuate the face. When you are wearing a halter dress, people will draw their attention away the body and up to the face, maybe you should remember that halter also accentuates the arms and shoulders, so it is very suitable for very thin ladies or ladies who want others notice their eyes and face, not the rest of their body.
Halter dresses are very common in summer and winter. A summer halter dress is usually made of some soft and light fabrics. When it is colder, you also can add some jacket with sleeves, you will still look sexy and charming. In winter, you can choose some halter dresses with heavy fabrics such as wool or fleece.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

How to Wear Your Little White Dress

When people talk about white, they all think that don't wear it unless you are a bride. Actually, little white dresses are a chic choice for the usual parties just like little black dresses. But different from little black dresses, you can be stand out from the crowd if you wear a little white dress.
Women don't think about white rarely when they are buying their perfect cocktail dress, in fact, white is a good color which works with all skin tones. So, you don't need to worry too much about your skin tone if you choose white. Just wow the crowd in a little white dress with your fashionable coordination. White is classic, crisp, and chic, and looks fabulous with a tan.
Shoes: if you want to make a big statement, you could wear shoes which are brightly colored like reds, oranges or blues. But actually, lighter colors would be better, like nudes, golds, browns and so on. Metallic tones would also be fine. Do not wear black, it will clash too much with white.
Accessories: some simple accessories would be a good choice with a bright and noticeable color, like wooden, metallic accessories. You also can match the color of your accessories with your shoes.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

One-Shoulder Evening Dress Fashion Trend

When you are going to attend a evening party, maybe you will be confused about what you will dress. Don't be worried about that, keep an eye on the fashionable evening dreess 2012 is a must, you will be the queen of the evening party. One-shoulder evening dresses is an elegant evening dress style which most of the ladies would be very glad to choose. This trend we don't see disappearing anytime soon. The convenience and beauty of one shoulder dresses practically guarantees there success.

Just as the name implies, one-shoulder evening dress carries a single shoulder strap and always reaches to floor. You can show a beautiful portrait and silhouette, while looking elegant and fresh. It can also make a big transformation on your look because it can help you look more femininity without overdoing sex appeal.

This dress represents sophistication at its finest, providing wonderful colors and styles. For example, pink one shoulder dresses, high low hem shoulder dresses, empire waist one shoulders. The list goes on and on, the designs have begun to move into a situation where they can be used, day or night, night or day.

One more thing you need to pay more attention to is that you need to think about the bra you will wear because there are shoulderless on one side.
Finally, one-shoulder elegant evening dresses is a perfect choice for your evening party, choose one which is your favoriate color and style, make sure that you can match your accessories well.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Guide for Evening Dress Fall Colors

It's Fall season now, the most beautiful season in one year, the weather is becoming cooler and cooler. It's so good to have parties in the weekends. I like parties in fall very much because of the perfect weather which is not so hot or so cool, I can choose my beacutiful evening dresses and don't need to be worried about the weather. Today i want to introduce you some tips to choose the evening dress fall colors.
Jewel: There are many dark colors which can work well with long evening dresses, at the same time, you would match some jewelry. But it is fall now, yellow-gold, orange and green would be a better choice.
Metallic: When you want to be the showstopper at a fall big ball or gala, slip into a silver sequin or gold-beaded evening dress, baring your best attributes with style. Pewter, bronze and copper tones also work well in an array of evening dress styles from halters to mermaid style and even slinky sheath. Pair your dress with same or complementary colored jewelry, making sure not to overdo it and take away from your dress design.
Black: Black is a classic color which will never be outmoded. If you are not sure about the fashionable gown colors, a simple black evening dress would be your first choice. You don't need to worry too much about the gown when you choose black.

Monday, September 10, 2012

How to Make A decoration for Evening Party

Are you going to hold an unmatchable evening party to match your elegant evening dress? Are you going to make it more elegant and glamorous? Of course, the decoration of the evening party is the most important thing you need to notice. Whatever the theme you are going to, one table centerpiece would never be obsolete. Take a look at these creative decoration for evening party decoration, you will be sure to hold a great evening party.

Strung from a sturdy tree branch. Enhance your venue's assets and add some sparkle to the trees just like some lights. They look so beautiful. Your guests will love them very much.

Fancy That! Events, Sofreh Details, Rhinestone Vases, Crystal Mirror, Crystal Candelabra.

Turn your centerpiece into a work of art by crafting a frame and painting the picture with mini calla lilies. Such a good idea, so cool!

Recycled wine bottles and baby's breath—cheap simple centerpieces.beautiful!

Oh, my god! Really love this centerpiece, i am obsessed to these white roses and candles.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Selecting Your Best Evening Shoes

Women are always more careful about choosing shoes than men, especially when it comes to their evening shoes choice. For those who attend the evenings frequently, it is necessary for them to know the lastest fashionable trend. Many women find it is very hard to wear a pair of ordinary shoes to match their elegant evening dresses.

The first important thing is that the shopper should remember that those shoes which have an inordinate amount of straps that run across the top of them can be extremely painful if they are worn for over two hours. If you are going to be wearing the shoes for more than a few hours then you need to avoid those shoes. You need to pay more attention to the comfort of the shoes.

The second thing you need notice is the material of the shoes, you need to Check the material from which your preferred ladies' evening shoes are made in order to determine how comfortable they will be. If the straps of the edges on the shoes consist of hard unforgiving material, it will probably irritate the foot with enough wear. Rough material can also wreak havoc on a person's heels, which is no fun. A good rule of thumb is to run one's fingers along the edges of the shoes or along the straps and to simply see how it feels.

One tip for choosing shoes is the observe the amount of room that the toes will be given while inside of the shoes. It is not good if the shoes are too tight and bunch up the toes. You will find it is uncomfortable and you even can not walk with these shoes.One more important thing is that you should try on both the shoes before you buy them. Many people just try one for a second, it is not a right way to buy a suitable shoes. All you need is to try them on and walks back and forth around the store to get a real feel for how they will feel when they are being worn in real life.
Next time, when you go out to buy a pair of ladies' evening shoes, make sure that you can be fashionable and also comfortable.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Evening dresses by color

An Evening dress is a big thing for a lady, maybe also a drawn to a conventional affair. Because these dresses are often loose, long, flowing garments. To keep the design, the fabric of the evening dresses are always be satin, silk and chiffon which fit to men's semi-formal wear for black-tie events. So it's not very easy to find one evening dress which you are very satisfied with. In this season, if you want to look best in the evening party, you need to pay more attention to the evening dresses colors and the different style.

We all know that the color of the dresses depend on the season or the trend. Before you start to buy evening dresses, you need to know your body shape. Some colors like burnt orange, bold pink, cream or other pastel shades can be a disaster so avoid going for such colors.

If we use light colors in the party for both dresses and accessories then it don't highlights the personality of the person who carries it so for the improve look of your personality in the party use of dark color for the evening dresses black as well as of the accessories should be black as it is very elegant and graceful in qualities.

However, golden would be a stynning choice because this color works extremely well in almost all sorts of party. If you have a good body shape, you can wear them with black leggings or matching up golden top with a pair of stocking or skirt, you will look younger and sexier.
Black and white, these colors are very common but classic, using these colors independly would be much better than combining them. Especially black evening dress, if you are little hefty, black would elegance look to your personality and make you look hot.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Different Evening Dresses Styles

There are various dress styles available in boutiques as well as evening dresses online. But not all dress styles are stylish and sometimes even the gorgeous suits are not suitable for you. You absolutely don't want to wear last season's dress to a chic party? Thus you need to dress in stylish and fashion-forward evening dress. However, you should not follow the fashion trends blindly. The key is to get your own judgment and make sure that the dress you buy is fitting.

Ball Gown–This style is closely fitted across the bust and waist with a full skirt gathered at the waist. For the average to slim figure, this is an attractive style and has a youthful appearance. This style is not flattering to women with large midriffs and hips.

Empire Style - This style evening dresses are characterized by a high waist and a full length skirt.  This placement is appropriate for those who wish to achieve a slimmer and taller appearance. The style is often most flattering to those who carry a bit of excess weight around their middles or who as shorter and more pear shaped in body structure though taller and slimmer women and those with flatter stomachs also appreciate the style of empire dresses.

A-Line–As the name implies, the skirt on this style is slightly fitted at the hip and gently tapers out. The top is usually fitted. Women with large hips will find this style more slimming in appearance.

Mermaid–A sheath dress that flares out below the knee is known as a Mermaid style. The flared section can be made into a train at the back of the gown. Because the eye is drawn to the bottom of the dress, this style is suitable for de-emphasizing a top heavy figure.