Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Evening Party Stylish Nails Trend

For many formal occasions, special occasion dresses are very important which can decide your overall image. However, you shouldn't ignore the manicure. It can add some points if you match your outfit well. First, you need to trim your nail in an elegant length, and check that they are all the same length and shape. Don't forget toe nails, especially you will wear peep-toes or sandals. You's better paint your hands and feet in the same color.
Now i will introduce you some kinds of stylish nails for evening party.
Print manicures, this kind of nails is not easy able do at home unless you are very professional. It is very suitable for the winter evening party and makes the trend a little more wearable.
Sideways french manicure, orange and black is a stylish match which can make a surprisingly fresh look!
Clean and cute nail polish, it's surprisingly cute and still grated and subtle enough for everyday wear.
Butterfly manicure, it turns totally outrageous in this style.

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