Sunday, February 17, 2013

Makeup for 2013 Spring Evening Party

When it comes to the evening party, you will never pass makeup. A best makeup will make you look exquisite just the same function as evening dress.
At first, it seemed like spring would be a season of pale lips. Then red colors hit with a bang, most noticeably at Burberry where models wore a creamy scarlet hue that generated major buzz.
Ever since the cat-eye trend hit last year, eyeliner has become a newfound essential. While there were examples of the retro flicked-up effect at Thierry Mugler and Miu Miu, the modern rim—a tight outline, softly smudged—dominated at shows like BCBG, Roberto Cavalli and Lavin.
From the inky, Twiggy-like fringe seen at Gaultier to the curled and combed up look at Gucci, it's time to have fun with your lashes this season.
Try a thin streak of green eyeliner seen at Stella McCartney or Kenzo, a saturated smear of sapphire on the base of lids like at Versus, or a color-blocked etching of royal blue or teal a la Fendi. And for those moments of all-out glamour, place a few sparkles around your eyes like a Gucci model if you dare.

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