Thursday, March 14, 2013

Several Best Red Carpet Dresses Ever

ANGELINA JOLIE In Versace at the Golden Globes, 2012
She's so beautiful in this that if you look at her for too long, it's sort of like staring at the sun. It's the perfect blend of creamy glamour and modern slashes of red.
ANNE HATHAWAY In Valentino at the Oscars, 2011
Red Valentino is always a winner. I don't think Anne has ever looked more like a movie star. The strong eyebrows and hair pulled back complete the picture.
CATE BLANCHETT In John Galliano at the Oscars, 1999
The true test of a dress is its timelessness. For one to stay a favorite for so long, it must be truly special. This Galliano is breathtaking, and the very simple hair and makeup make the look.
AUDREY HEPBURN In Givenchy at the Oscars, 1954
What a sweet dress, and how very Hepburn. I love the graphicness of the hair with the cat-eye, and the lack of jewelry. It can so easily ruin a look.
ROONEY MARA In Givenchy at the Oscars, 2012
This dress is really about her perfectly glossy, geometric bangs with the beautiful porcelain skin and red lipstick. I think it was genius that she only wore black and white during the whole awards season.

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