Monday, September 3, 2012

How to Choose Your Earrings

If you had chosen your formal evening dress, are you hesitateing about your jewelry? Which one would be better? There isn't any limit to choice your earrings whether it is right or wrong. But you can decide which one could make you look more beautiful. Of course, you need to know your face shape, your hairstyle and your makeup. A perfect choice of earrings would enhance your good appearance. Now i will tell you some tips of choosing your earrings to balance your face shape to make you look more perfect.

If your hair is short, i think you can choose longer dangle or chandelier style earrings. But when you need to limit your other jewelry if your earrings are eye-catching designs.
If you have long hair, it depends on your hairstyle. If you updo your hair, a small post or button earrings or dangling earrings, you just can choose whatever you want. But if you flow your hair, you should be careful that your earrings won't be hide or be entangled with your long hair.
For round and square faces, these earrings which are longer and narrow would be a good choice for you. Drop earrings and teardrop earrings are all right, they will soften the strong jaw line and make your face look less feminine. Remember avoid hoop earrings which would make your face look more wider.

For oblong and rectangle faces, your face is narrow, you need to choose those earrings with width which can make it more fuller.
For diamond or heart faces,you will look best in earrings that are longer and with width at the base.

The most important factor is to wear those earrings which can make you feel good. Just take these tips into account when you are choosing earrings. You will look perfect if those earrings you choose make you feel good.

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