Thursday, September 13, 2012

How to Wear Your Little White Dress

When people talk about white, they all think that don't wear it unless you are a bride. Actually, little white dresses are a chic choice for the usual parties just like little black dresses. But different from little black dresses, you can be stand out from the crowd if you wear a little white dress.
Women don't think about white rarely when they are buying their perfect cocktail dress, in fact, white is a good color which works with all skin tones. So, you don't need to worry too much about your skin tone if you choose white. Just wow the crowd in a little white dress with your fashionable coordination. White is classic, crisp, and chic, and looks fabulous with a tan.
Shoes: if you want to make a big statement, you could wear shoes which are brightly colored like reds, oranges or blues. But actually, lighter colors would be better, like nudes, golds, browns and so on. Metallic tones would also be fine. Do not wear black, it will clash too much with white.
Accessories: some simple accessories would be a good choice with a bright and noticeable color, like wooden, metallic accessories. You also can match the color of your accessories with your shoes.

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