Friday, October 12, 2012

Cocktail Dress Trends

It's fall season now, if you like to attend party, there must be many parties waiting for you. In the past time, some evening dresses seem to be designed for one type, now there are many kinds of dresses which are very suitable for everyone.
Boatneck: This is a type which both men and women can wear. This kind of neckline would not trouble when you want to change your shirt quickly because of the wide slips. When you wear boatneck, you can wear some aquamarine or emerald studs.
One-shoulder: this one type was popular from last year, but it is going more and more popular, it is very suitable for those women who want to appeared as a sex appeal. It looks better if you wear it with some dangling earrings.

Lace: this fabric is very feminine and modern, pay attention to a detail: if you feel the repeat of the pattern is bigger than your hand, maybe the dress is too large for your figure. It looks perfect  if you wear pearl studs with this dress.

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