Wednesday, October 17, 2012

How to Look Thinner in An Evening Dress

Many people want to look thinner and good in evening dresses without losing their weight. There are several ways to look thinner, just follow this ways to dress thinner.
Choose clothing which fit properly. Many people choose baggier clothes to hide a few pounds. Actually, these clothes can add pounds to you which will make you look larger than you really are. So avoiding these clothes which are too tight or too baggy, instead, pick clothes that fit properly to look your slimmest.
Put on your high heels. We all know that high heels can help your legs look longer and slimmer. If you have thick ankles, don't try shoes with ankle straps which will make your legs look stumpy and short.
Layer your tops. If you have belly, layer your tops is a good way to hide your belly and make your stomach looks more in shape instead of wearing only one.Everyone knows that dark clothes like black, navy blue, chocolate can make you look slimmer, this is also a good way. You can also add some glitter accessories to make you look stunning.

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