Friday, January 4, 2013

Eye Makeup for Evening Party

Makeup changes your look completely. Based on the occasion, time and your outfit, you do makeup. Makeup is basically known to glam the evening as it is the time to highlight your beautiful face with sparkling eye makeup. If you want to have beautiful bright night makeup you will need something more challenging. Here are some tips for making up your face.
If you want to achieve a flawless evening look, make sure that your face is cleansed properly and you have applied a moisturizer as well. This is very important in order to create a soft surface and perfect canvas for a glamorous makeup. If you apply your makeup on a dry,it will completely destroy your look, leaving you with unaesthetic spots on your face.
For permanent eye make-up, it is appropriate to use eye base. It will help you to get rid of the greasy effect. In order to achieve the incredible effect of your eye, apply a three-toned shadow. Take the black eye line or the eye pencil and start with the front edge of the lid. The bright eye is one of the last eye make-up ideas, you have to pad some gold or silver shadow on the tear duck part of the eye. Use your finger to spread the color.
At the end but not the last thing is the mascara, if you want you can put some base on the eyelashes to make them look thicker. The lay the mascara. You can lay it twice but you have to leave a few minutes so that the first layer to dry, your eyelashes will never be stacked.

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