Sunday, January 6, 2013

High-Low Dress Fashion Trend

High-low dresses are one of the most fashionable trends this year. Maxi dresses are too long for those who are not high. High-low dress can be a fashion statement on its own, but there are other ways that you can dress it up or down.
The dress is a look that works on all body types and is a style that i can see being continued in the fall by adding on various layers. As with any popular trend, there are always way to tweak it and make it a little bit different and change the look into a style uniquely yours. Here are some advices to help you.
Add a belt. Belts can really enhance a look and with a great style like the high-low dress, a thick belt can define a waist and a skinny belt can be an easy way to add in some color.
Stylish shoes. Even a neutral color can be paired with any print or color of dress and it's look fantastic.
Layer your look. Adding a cute jacket or a thin scarf can really change the look. While adding funky jewelry can dress up your outfit, a jean jacket can make it more casual. Also a scarf can be useful it nights get chilly and wearing one in a contrasting pattern can make it more fashion forward.

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