Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Hair Style Trends

Ponytail is a perfect style no matter it is high or low. Put some effort and style this look, it won't take you much time. The steps are also very easy to finish. You'll look like just stepped off the runway.
It's time to say good-bye to flaxen and golden hues and hello to cooler, icy blondes and creamy white highlights. Remember, when you stretch out your appointments the process if more intense and time consuming which results in a higher ticket price. Also look into shampoos that help neutralize the brass and keep you always looking cool. This style is very suitable for any kind of evening dress.
One thing I love about the fall hair trends is the increase in hair accessories. Beachy-waves go to the wayside and hair lovers get creative. I always see an endless amount of statement hair accessories turning up at multiple shows. They often share (and steal) the spotlight from their accompanying updos and styles.
Whether braided around the crown, coiled half-back or knotted into an updo, hair is getting manipulated into a fresh, new direction this season. Double fishtails and triple braids, some advice to you: practice makes perfect. Grab some dry shampoo and start watching how-to videos. You'll be surprised how simple some of these styles are to achieve.

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