Wednesday, December 26, 2012

How to Dress for A Wedding as A Guest

You've gotten the invitation for your friends' wedding, happily circled the date on your calendar and started shopping for their gift, when all of a sudden it hits you – what are you supposed to wear??? There are several things you need to pay attention to when you are choosing wedding guest dresses.
Do dress up. The least you can do is look glamorous and decorative in their wedding album. Wear something upbeat. Wedding is a celebration of love, so do not send the wrong message.
Don't wear anything too obviously foxy. You're there to applaud and cheerlead, not to try and steal the limelight. Too much cleavage, too short, too tight etc looks unsisterly and attention-seeking.
Do go ahead and ask the bride, or one of her close friends, if you're unsure if they'd mind you wearing white. Some brides do, some don't --- if you're not sure, check. Do not, however, leave this call until the morning of the wedding when the inner-circle will be, shall we say, a bit busy.

Don't forget to think about what you wear over the dress. You need a wedding-appropriate coat or jacket. Most weddings involve a fair bit of standing around outside and there's no point wearing a gorgeous dress if it ends up hidden under a dreary coat.

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