Wednesday, December 5, 2012

How to Choose The Right Lipstick Color

Get ready for your evening out? Have you chosen a right evening dress? Have you dressed up your lips in a right color? It can be a struggle to pick out a perfect lipstick that can match your style well. The following steps will help you find a good one that feels like it was made just for you.
Choose a color that complements your skin undertones and the natural color of your lips. Your skin undertones can be cool,neutral or warm. If you have a cool undertone look for lipsticks with cool undertones.Like Rich Reds and Pale pinks anything with cool colors. If you have a neutral undertone you can choose any one you like!
If you have a warm undertone look for lipsticks with warm undertones like corals,red orange, plum, wine anything with warm colors.Wear lighter shades during the daytime and darker shades when you go out at night. Lipsticks with a matte or cream finish provide for a more refined look during the day. Sheer, natural colors also make for great daytime looks. A glossier lipstick creates for an enchanting evening visage.
Test out different shades by visiting your local department store or drug store. Department store beauty counters will let you try products before you buy them and may offer free makeovers. Drug and dollar store lipsticks are inexpensive meaning you can buy more of them at a time to test out at home. In addition, some drug store chains will refund your money if you buy an unflattering shade.
Remember that your lipliner (if you choose to wear it) should be the same shade as your natural lips. Lips should be lined before applying lipstick, not after.
The last suggestion, take your eye makeup into consideration when chooseing a shade. Deep or bold shades go best with light eye makeup; conversely, light or natural shades of lipstick best compliment heavy eye makeup.

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